Saimaa Group in brief

Saimaa Group is Finland’s largest industrial insulation and scaffolding service provider.

About Saimaa Group

Our extensive experience and resources allow us to respond to challenging and unexpected situations at short notice. We tailor our service packages flexibly to meet the needs of our customers. We use digital site management systems to provide our customers with an on-time site view.

Saimaa Group consists of five subsidiaries that employ a total of 600 professionals. Together with our partner network, our full installation capacity is 1,100 workers.

The Group’s insulation and scaffolding services are provided by Arme Oy, Kymsol Oy, PEPT Oy, and Saimaan Eristys Oy. The Group also includes staffing service provider Saimaan Työpalvelu Oy, which finds professional workers for the industry, construction, and consulting sectors all over Finland.

We have 15 offices across Finland from Vantaa to Keminmaa. Our extensive service network is available for our customers nationwide. In Sweden, our offices are located in Piteå, Skellefteå, and Umeå, and we provide our services across the country.

Our project activities are worldwide. We are executing demanding projects in various industrial plants and applications.

We offer industrial insulation and scaffolding services to all major branches of the industry. You can learn more about our services under Services and on the pages of Arme, Kymsol, PEPT, Saimaan Eristys and Saimaan Työpalvelu.

Locations: Finland and Sweden – and project deliveries globally.

Our customer promise

Local service with a large company’s resources.
Our versatile experience and extensive service network allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ demanding and sudden needs. Our resources include 1,100 experts and 1.5 million scaffolding components, ensuring an agile service.

Safe work on schedule.
Our digital solutions guarantee on-time site view. They increase safety and ensure that your project is completed on schedule.

Key figures

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Saimaa Group’s history

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Keijo Pylkkänen

Saimaa Group Oy

Message from the CEO

Honoured customer, valued partner,

In every industry, one operator is bound to rise up and change the industry’s established practices. Our goal is to become the reformer of the industrial insulation and scaffolding service sector.

We have built Finland’s largest company in the industry. The size of our company is not our most important achievement, but it enables us to harness our extensive experience capability to develop and resources to reach our goals.

From our customers’ perspective, the most significant development concerns digital services. Our digital site management solutions allow our customers to monitor their construction sites more closely and increase efficiency in an innovative way. And this is only the beginning of our digital journey.

We also offer our customers unique flexibility. We tailor contracts to meet the needs of each customer to ensure the best possible cooperation.

Our extensive resources and large capacity guarantee that we can adapt to different situations in an agile way. Saimaa Group employs approximately 600 experts, and our total installation capacity is 1,100 professionals, including the resources of our network. We are constantly investing in growing our scaffolding capacity.

Currently, our stock includes approximately 1.5 million scaffolding components. Our customers can utilize all group resources where they are needed the most.

When changing the industry, small development steps are just as important as great leaps. We are taking small steps forward by implementing our five subsidiaries’ best practices across the Group. This is reflected in, for example, the improvement of occupational safety. As a labour-intensive company, we report more than 3,000 safety observations every year. These observations help us to analyse and improve our practices. Digital tools play a key role in this as well.

Our continuous development work has also resulted in numerous awards and recognitions from our customer companies. One of our latest achievements regarding our safety efforts was the third victory in the service providers’ safety competition awarded by our customer.

In summer 2021, we took a significant leap forward in extending our customer service by acquiring PEPT Oy Ab. Now, we can serve our Nordic customers locally in Sweden, where PEPT operates in three locations.

Saimaa Group also offers interesting opportunities to its personnel. We strive to create a safe working environment and enable diverse career paths that suit one’s individual skills and needs. The new and innovative way of working improves both customer and employee well-being. We believe that a bold and innovative company remains strong in continuously increasing competition.

Board of Directors

Mikko Vasko


Keijo Pylkkänen

Board Member

Ville Sailas

Board Member


Keijo Pylkkänen

Saimaa Group Oy

Juha Jokela

Arme Oy and Kymsol Oy

Saku Puhakainen

Saimaan Työpalvelu Oy

Jari Enlund

Chief Business Officer,

Hannu Myllymäki

Chief Business Officer,
Saimaan Eristys Oy